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“You can talk with a close friend or relative about what’s troubling you, but it’s not the same as a professionally-trained experienced psychologist who knows exactly what kind of help you need.” – Dr. Prerna Kohli (Founder)

Mentriq is a Mental Health Services organization founded by our founder and mentor, Dr. Prerna Kohli Ph.D. We are a group of 10 Psychologists, based out of Delhi NCR. We offer our services all across the country in the areas of workplace mental health and professional development.

Free Consultation

Workplace Intervention

Workplace Interventions is our way of serving and supporting you through the times of your crisis.


Life-skill program is specially designed for any busy individual to help them organize themselves emotionally.

Productivity Workshop

Productivity Workshop is our way of increasing your employee’s productivity and morale. 

Home Vists

One of our Psychologists will visit your home to solve the conflicts you are facing or are unable to come visit us.

Wellness Workshop

Wellness Workshop helps keeps the employee’s mental health in check and motivates them to achieve more.

Family Well-Being

The Family Well-Being Program focuses on family’s emotional and mental health and helps them to be cohesive.

Expert Clinical Psychologist in India

Dr. Prerna Kohli is a Clinical Psychologist, a Public Speaker, a Workshop Facilitator and a Holistic Practitioner. Also, She is an awardee of “100 Women Achievers of India” selected by the Ministry of Women & Child Development. Thus, dedicated to sharing her knowledge and compassion with others, Prerna blends intuitive wisdom with a solid understanding, creating a powerful holistic approach, specializing in the areas of Emotional change. As a result, she offers Heart-based workshops and lectures that focus on Life Balance, Self-awareness, and Inner Peace.

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Read What Others Have to Say About Us

Very Friendly

She fine-tunes her line of treatment taking into account all nuances of each case. And above all, she treats a patient as a parent and a friend rather than as a doctor. Which is what makes her such a special psychologist. What makes her even more special is the fact that she does not believe…


Happy With Doctor’s Friendliness

She knows her job and is a very friendly doctor. She has a charming and a pleasing personality. Half the problems one faces are sorted once you have met her. More power to her

Rajeev Madan

Extremely Trustworthy and Efficient

I’m a corporate executive who has been experiencing challenges recently in managing a balance between my work life and personal commitments. What was most important for me was that she firmly believes that you are in control of solving your own challenges, and she is only a facilitator in that process. That allowed it to…


Visited for Stress

I visited Dr. Kohli because of anxiety and distress. Few things lingered in my mind and burdened me for two years but since I have consulted Dr. Prerna they don’t bother me now. I feel so better. With her, it doesn’t feel that you have come to see a doctor rather it’s such a warm…


Visited for Anger Management

I had never visited a psychologist before and was totally averse to someone either telling me what to do or recommending medicines, or giving me life lessons. This is basis my first meeting only but Dr Kohli was successful in assuring a guarded person not just by way of a word but during the course…


Knows her Job really well! Highly experienced and efficient! For me Personally – Magic!

I reached out to Dr. Bose with strong inhibitions, I wasn’t open to the idea of anyone influencing/making my decisions for me which is a common phenomenon and probably I was unsure of Therapy in general. From the very first session, I felt really comfortable and positive, she really invests in individual patients. I ‘m…


Guidance and help on managing Anxiety and personality issues

Last year, I began experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, which was affecting my confidence and work. I was in immediate need of help and Dr. Kolhi got me in touch with one of her Associates Mrs. C. Bose (since she was travelling) . It has been nearly 8 months and my anxiety or nervousness has…



The first thing is that I would have commited suicide ….things were dark and much exhausting… Then I found a light in the form of Dr. Chumki Bose… As her name says..glitter she filled my mind and soul with courage… Strength and positivity… Now here I am finding the meaning to life… Can never even…

Dr garima joshi

Our Counsellors

Our Team is Highly Qualified and Trained Personally by Dr. Prerna Kohli

Our Doctors

Our Doctor is highly specialized in Mental Health and selected by Dr. Prerna Kohli

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